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Up All Night: literally just the tour wardrobe
Take Me Home: "the white girl," aka high-waisted shorts, crop top, converse with neon laces, etc
Midnight Memories: leather jacket and pants with high heel boots and red lipstick and a search warrant
Four: whatever harry is wearing
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chicago 30.08.14

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but they actually turned to them omg

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Niall singing you and I choruses bc Harry wasn’t back from getting changed in time…Harry didn’t get changed tho :/

Everybody says that Niall has such a weak voice and he doesn’t matter to the band but all they hear are the solos in songs and most of those solos are (NO OFFENCE) meant for someone with a relatively weakish voice but if you actually let Niall sing a whole song live his true voice comes out. He has an AMAZINGLY strong voice and KILLS every song he sings! Like literally compare his normal solo in the song to what he just sang. He wasn’t meant to sing the solos he does honestly. He was meant to sing parts of the song where he can use his voice to its full potential! Niall is an amazing singer and a voice that strong deserves to be heard everywhere!💜

^^^^^^THIS!!! THIS!!!!

(i’m going to use this post for future reference, I hope it’s all right)

He needs to be given space to use his full potential. Seriously, just listen to his solos in Midnight Memories and Why Don’t We Go There.

And also this:

Niall singing Harry’s part in Rock Me

Niall singing Home by Michael Buble(I still laugh when I see Zayn’s reaction:D )

Niall singing Use Somebody (aka the video that made me fall in love with Niall)

Niall singing A-team 

this is not particularly hard to sing but still- singing Harry’s part in WMYB

Niall and his famous Little Things performance when he was back home for Greg’s wedding so his voice is of course a bit strained due to wedding party :D BUT STILL! LISTEN!

In conclusion, give him good material and boy he will deliver!

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Niall being… well Niall

you wouldn’t believe hes 21 now hahah


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3/6 - Edinburgh, “By the way, can we just give it up for Harry Styles please? His throat’s not well, and he’s brought himself out here cause you guys are the best fans in the world.”… N: “Did you have a good time?” H: “I had a great time, thank you.”

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family members: you really need to get out of your room
me: i don't need social life i need my OTP to be canon
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